2nd September

JSPS Loch Lomond Symposium on Action Anticipation

Main Programme: 2nd September to 3rd September Speakers’ Meeting: 4th September

8:00 Private coach departs from 40 George Street, Glasgow to Ross Priory, Loch Lomond (50 minutes)

9:00 Coffee at Ross Priory

Symposium Welcome Address

9:20 Welcome by Prof. Koichi Negayama, Prof. Vasudevi Reddy, Dr. Jonathan Delafield-Butt 9:30 Personal introductions

9:45 Welcome Address by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science by Chigusa Ogaya

9:55 Overview of JSPS Funding Possibilities by Takeshi Kamezawa

Session 1. The Role of Action Anticipation in Psychological Development Chair: Koichi Negayama

10:15 Colwyn Trevarthen

Motor Intelligence and Convivial Story-Telling, For a Life-Time of Pleasure In Shared Action, Thought, Art and Language.

Colwyn Trevarthen Slides

10:45 Dave Lee

Principles of prospective guidance of purposive movement

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Jonathan Delafield-Butt

On the nature of anticipation as core conscious knowledge

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Group photograph – gather in front of Ross Priory

Session 2. Early Action Anticipation in Foetal and Neonatal Life Chair: Jonathan Delafield-Butt

14:15 Cristina Becchio.

On the (un)observability of intentions.

15:00 Hideko Takeshita.

Comparative developmental approach to the generation of action anticipation among chimpanzees and humans

15:45 Coffee

16:15 Emese Nagy.

‘Homo Provocans’ and beyond: what is the evidence for social anticipation in newborns?

17:00 Evening Break – check in to rooms, refresh for dinner

Poster Session
18:30 Pre-dinner Poster Session

Dinner at Ross Priory

19:30 Dinner

22:00 Bus to Ardoch Hotel

3rd September

8:40 Bus from Ardoch to Ross Priory (10 minute journey)

Session 3. Action Anticipation in Social Understanding and Meaning-making Chair: Jonathan Delafield-Butt, Vasu Reddy

9:00 Koichi Negayama

Action anticipation in tickling and feeding as cultures of early understanding

9:45 Keiko Momose

Sequential Structure Analysis of Repetitive Movements in Mother-infant Tactile Play Interaction

10:30 Coffee.

11:00 Takeshi Kishimoto

The influence of adults’ responses on infants’ deictic gestures

11:45 Nicole Rossmanith

Action anticipation and co-ordination in infant-caregiver-object interactions over the first year of life

12:10 Andreas Reichelt

Action anticipation: insights from gaze in action observation

12:35 Lunch

Session 4. Action Anticipation in the Vitality of a Culture Chair: Koichi Negayama

14:00 Naho Katori

An early intervention for attachment with communicative musicality: feeling secure about future

14:45 Akira Takada.

Action anticipation in singing and dancing activities among toddlers of the !Xun of north-central Namibia

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Vasu Reddy

Response and Anticipation

Summary Remarks

16:45 Vasu Reddy
16:50 Koichi Negayama
16:55 Jonathan Delafield-Butt

17:00 Close of session
17:30 Bus to Glasgow city centre for delegates returning.
19:00 Dinner for speakers and remaining delegates at Ross Priory

4th September

9:00 Personal time (wifi is available throughout), walks around the grounds.

Summary Session and Future Collaborative Research

10:00am Summary of key points from the meeting and Round-table open discussion to sum up our view.

10:40am Five minute verbal presentations (or impromptu slides) of current work-in- progress & future research directions – opportunities for collaboration

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Open Discussion – Toward collaboration

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Final Thank You & Happy Travels — anticipating your return.

Full Symposium Close