Loch Lomond Symposium on Action Anticipation

2nd September to 3rd September 2015
Ross Priory, Loch Lomond, Scotland

This symposium offers an ecological, embodied and intersubjective perspective on action anticipation. It will focus on new research in the development of action anticipation in early infancy and its role within knowledge formation and embodied social understanding, from early foetal life, through infancy, and into childhood. The programme is arranged to bridge (i) fundamental principles of action anticipation within psychology, neurobiology, and epistemology with (ii) the psychological study of its development, from early self-generated action anticipation in utero to embodied social understanding. Importantly, this symposium seeks to give wider application to (iii) its cultural and clinical implications, particularly in relation to autism.

Akira Takada (Kyoto) — action anticipation in culture
Colwyn Trevarthen (Edinburgh) — action anticipation in social consciousness
Cristina Becchio (Turin) — foetal origins and early development of action anticipation
Dave Lee (Edinburgh) — fundamental principles of action anticipation
Emese Nagy (Dundee) — foetal and neonatal anticipation
Hideko Takeshita (Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto) — foetal origins of action anticipation
Jonathan Delafield-Butt (Strathclyde, Glasgow) — developmental organisation of action anticipation as intelligence
Koichi Negayama (Waseda, Tokyo) — action anticipation as cultures of understanding
Maya Gratier (Paris) — action anticipation in communicative musicality
Naho Katori (Keio, Tokyo) — action anticipation in clinical neonatal care
Takeshi Kishimoto (Sacred Heart, Tokyo) — action anticipation in early childhood
Vasudevi Reddy (Portsmouth) — action anticipation in social connection
Konomi Ishijima (Waseda, Tokyo) — action anticipation in play